LESOTHO : Basketball coaches needed

MASERU-Rats’olo Molupe of Khubetsoana All Stars basketball club on Saturday said that Lesotho`s basketball clubs desperately need qualified coaches to groom youngsters from the early age.

Rats`olo said players should be fully developed from their respective clubs. “Most of the clubs do not have qualified coaches and this is a setback to the development of the sport in the country. Senior players are compelled to assume the responsibility of coaches and that is too heavy for them as they also have to play,” he said.

He expressed that there are many problems that hinder the development of the sport, but like any other sport financial problems are the major stumbling block. “We can not engage ourselves in international competitions because we do not have adequate funds, competing with other international teams is fundamental because we get exposure and learn some new skills from our African counterparts,” he said.

Rat`tsolo told Informative that their major goal is to play in many tournaments with South African basketball clubs in an effort to improve. “We want to have many tournaments with SA clubs, we hope that will motivate players hence developing the sport,” he said.
The will be Summer Slam basketball tournament on the 12th December 2009 for local clubs Lesotho Basketball league is made up of 7 clubs.