GABÃO : Manga basket to the conquest of the zonal title to Lubumbashi

Manga basket to the conquest of the zonal title to Lubumbashi.
The club of the city of Moanda situated to the south of Gabon and second to the final ordering of the national championship, committed to represent Gabon to the championship of central Africa of the clubs champion, which should hold to Lubumbashi.
After having ousted his trainer after the first phase of the Elite National Championship, the new trainer (Mavoungou Bayonne) hired a specific preparation.
In last times the FEGABAB, would not have means of transport to allow the representative of Gabon to surrender instead of the competition.
' We work since more than one month that we prepare this competition, we dare to hope that the FEGABAB, will come us there in help for himself to give back ', declared the new trainer of Manga basket, Mavoungou Bayonne.
It is necessary to also signal the disclaimer of the club STADE MANDJI of Port Gentil. We will come back there.