Uganda Christian University continues to shine while the defending champions Warriors seem to be wondering what luck is falling their way. In heated up encounter last night at the YMCA courts, UCU outsmarted the Warriors 69:63.

UCU from the start looked motivated scoring 25:22 in the first quarter, The Canons then outscored the defending champions, 22:12 in the second quarter, the Warriors the ploted a comeback, winning the and outscoring the Canons, 22:7 in the third quarter. The 4th quarter was majorly UCU winning it 15:7.
Warriors continue to struggle with form after the team had several new players added to it at the beginning of this season. Recruit Henry Malinga is still struggling offensively though defensively, he still remains a tower collecting several boards. Eric was absent from the fixture. Joshua Etalu is also struggling and Steven Okias can no longer find his scoring trends ending with 7 points with 22 minute on the floor. Martin Okwako with 32 minutes on the floor finished with 6 points. Kasewu Ronnie finished with 13 points while Ramadhan Abdullahi finished with 10, Jude Ocheng, 12 points , Brian Gumisiriza ,10 points.

Fatigue should probably be a reason for Warriors performance but it's tough to blame it on fatigue given the fact that both UCU and Warriors took part in the just concluded Zone 5 club champions in Burundi, a competition in which Warriors did not manage even a single victory also losing to Uganda's Miracle Eagles.

UCU capitalised on speed knowing that this Warriors side could not run as fast. Ivan Enabu, Jimmy Enabu, Steven Mwesigye and Adam Njoroge were always taking the ball very fast to the basketball and the relatively older legs of the Warriors could not cope up. Omondi Geofrey was not a big threat offensively on the night scoring 2 points in the absence of his brother Robert Mugabe and also getting a total on 9 rebounds. Three players, Jimmy Enabu, Mwesigye Steven and Njoroge Adam finished with 13 points each , Ivan Enabu had 9.

The league is getting very competitive especially in the first five places with Miracle also wanting to change history and play in their first playoffs and players are psyched especially with the signing of Steven Omony.