NIGERIA : 8-teams battle for Nigeria DSTV league title

(by Olusegun Ikuesan)
Eight teams that made it to the final-8 play-offs of the Nigeria DSTV Basketball League will begin their title chase from Thursday at the Sports Hall of the National Stadium, Lagos.

The eight teams four each from the Atlantic and the Savannah conference have been divided into two groups of four teams each.

Leading the challenge in group-A is Atlantic conference league leader, Islanders basketball club of Lagos, other clubs in the group includes Savannah conference runner-up, Plateau Peaks basketball club of Jos, Dodan Warriors basketball club of Lagos and Niger Potters basketball club of Minna.

Group-B has Savannah conference leader, Kano Pillars basketball club, Royal Hoopers basketball club of Port Harcourt, Kadda Stars basketball club of Kaduna and Union Bank basketball club of Lagos.

Each of the teams will play three games each in the preliminary round with the two top teams from each group making it to the semi-finals, as hostilities starts on Thursday.

In the opening game of the Day-1, Islanders basketball club will take on Savannah conference fourth placed team, Niger Potters basketball club of Minna at 12.00 hours; Kano Pillars will do battle against Atlantic conference fourth placed team, Union Bank basketball club at 14.00 hours; Savannah conbference second placed team, Plateau Peaks will slug it out against Atlantic conferecen third placed team, Dodan Warriors at 16.00 hours while Royal Hoopers basketball club who finished the regular season behind Islanders in the Atlantic conference will engage Kadda Stars of Kaduna at 18.00 hours.

Full Schedule:

Day-1 29/10/2009
Game No 1: Islanders Vs Niger Potters (A) 12.00hours
Game No 2: Kano Pillars Vs Union Bank (B) 14.00hours
Game No 3: Plateau Peaks Vs Dodan Warriors (A) 16.oohours
Game No 4: Royal Hoopers Vs Kadda Stars (B) 18.00hours

Day-2 30/10/2009
Game No 5: Union Bank Vs Royal Hoopers (B) 12.00hours
Game No 6: Niger Potters Vs Plateau Peaks (A) 14.00hours
Game No 7: Kadda Stars Vs Kano Pillars (B) 16.00hours
Game No 8: Dodan Warriors Vs Islanders (A) 18.00 hours

Day-3 31/10/2009
Game No 9: Islanders Vs Plateau Peaks (A) 12.00hours
Game No 10: Kano Pillars Vs Royal Hoopers (B) 14.00hours
Game No 11: Niger Potters Vs Dodan Warriors (A) 16.00hours
Game No 12: Union Bank Vs Kadda Stars (B) 18.00hours

Day-4 01/11/2009 R E S T

Day-5 02/11/2009 SEMI-FINALS
Game No 13: 1st (A) Vs 2nd (B) 14.00hours
Game No 14: 1st (B) Vs 2nd (A) 16.00hours

Day-6 03/11/2009 3rd Place and Final
Game No 15: Loser (13) Vs Loser (14) 14.00hours
Game No 16: Winner (13) Vs Winner (14) 16.00hours