UGANDA : MARK MY WORD: Fuba: Early warning

It was only the first game of the season, so a potentially explosive situation as champions Warriors lost to main rivals DMark Power passed without ruckus.

Fuba however stand warned about not allowing a repeat of the confusion surrounding that game-tying play by Eric Malinga which never was.

The size of the crowd at the YMCA on Friday night, the amount of money Warriors and Power have spent to assemble all-star squads, and the emotions flowing as the two teams split the allegiance of the crowd, are all proof of a fast growing sport; the administrators have got to match that pace.

Here is the scenario: Malinga sinks what looks like a three pointer, only for it to be tallied as a two by the man in charge of the scoreboard, a long-time loyal servant of Ugandan basketball who is deaf, dumb and oblivious to the noisy protests.

The ‘table’ in charge lets the ‘mistake’ pass, apparently because the scoreboard man had earlier on given Warriors one more point than they deserved, so matters are evened out by two errors!

The ‘table’ needs to correct mistakes as soon as they happen, and generally do a better job of keeping stats.

Warriors and their fans, perhaps disappointed that they should have played better, let the issue go this time.

That will not happen in Game 6 of the playoffs, so Fuba beware.