LIBERIA : Barnesville Celtics improve standing on log

Barnesville Celtics Basketball Club on Tuesday improved their standing on the second division log with a colorful win over Flip Stars.

Barnesville Celtics excellently bashed Flip Stars 70-69 in a tension parked encounter.

The LBF National Championships continued on Monday evening with Destiny Kings collecting a solitary win against Road Runners.

The Kings over powered their opponents 51-36 in a less attractive outing.

The match was filled with excitement, and tactical ball moments.

There were also wins for Destiny Queens and Deviers on the night.

Destiny Queens convincingly out classed SOS Trotters 77-31 in a one sided showdown.

Deviers for their part over shadowed Georgia Blazers 76-71.

The LBF National Championships will continue this later today with more fire-burning matches taking place.