LIBERIA : Barrolle secure dramatic win over Oilers

by Numennie Williams)
Mighty Barrolle on Sunday evening secured a magnificent win in the on going LBF first division championship.

The Rollers stole the show to dramatically defeat Sensational LPRC Oilers in a match that was too close to call at a lively looking Sports Commission.
The match was filled with so much excitement and trailing moments.
And it was the Oil boys who started it with zeal by convincingly wining the first quarter 17-9 against a Barrolle side that lacked coordination.

The Kanyan pepper boys soon burst the showdown into life by over turning the deficit and going on to win the second, third and fourth quarters in grand style.

Their accurate delivery of free throws had a huge impact on their performance in the match.

In all fairness, LRC Oilers lost concentration in the final one minute twenty seconds of the match and Barrolle who rejuvenated won the fray 60-58.

And their Captain Otis Nylneh said the result showed the strength of the team.

When the league started, we told the people that we were building a team and it is about time for us to reap the result he said.

Well LPRC Oilers player Peter Doe attributed his side loss on complacency.

We over looked the people thats what happened. We thought we could beat them at anytime and any hour he asserted.

Still with Sundays results, Phoenix scored an impressive 56-54 victory over Desert Ladies in a feline league match.

Uhuru Prince narrowly lost Heats 45-47 in third division outing.

The LBF National Championships continued on Saturday with wins for Destiny Kings and SOS Trotters.

Destiny Kings recorded a convincing 40-29 win against Dixville Dragons in a one sided third division showdown.

SOS Trotters for their part dumped Supreme Sisters 35-11in a less attractive female encounter.