RWANDA : Lions power past CSK

By Timothy Muvunyi



APR 62-49 CSK
UNR 68-56 Espoir
ISAE 66-69 St. Joseph
UNR 70-53 UGB
UNR 73-33 ISAE


APR 71-14 E.FED
St.Aloys 20-55 E.FED
E.FED 62-59 KIE

The reigning league champions APR downed CSK by 62-49 points in the preliminary round of the inaugural FERWAB Genocide memorial tournament, which started yesterday and ends today at the NPC indoor courts.

The ‘Indomitable Lions’ will today play against KIE, ISAE, UGB and UNR on a round robin basis to decide which teams qualify for semifinals.

“To beat CSK you have to play well and that’s what we did. We are targeting to win all our preliminary games, starting with KIE (today),” said APR’s youthful Kenyan trainer Cliff Owuor.