LIBYA : Easy Wins for Table-Topper

TABLE-TOPPERS Shabab and Ahli Benghazi sail on regardless after 11 matches of the Libyan Basketball League. Both teams, currently sharing top spot, had comfortable victories, with Ahli Benghazi disposing of Ittihad, and Shabab, as expected, defeating bottom team Madina.

In the lower reaches Ahli Tripoli came a cropper against Madina, who beat and leap-frogged over them into sixth place.

Day 11 Results

Nasser v Hilal 66-63
Ahli Benghazi v Ittihad 74-67
Wahda v Shabab 55-76
Ahli Tripoli v Madina 57-75

20 points - Shabab, Ahli Benghazi;
19 – Nasser;
18 – Hilal;
16 – Ittihad;
14 – Madina;
13 – Ahli Tripoli;
11 - Wahda