LIBERIA : Amie Weah breaks silence

Written by Anthony A. Stephens
Friday, 16 July 2010
The contentious female basketball star has for the first time spoken out on her move to C. Deltas.

Player Amie Weah was transferred to the club from their better rivals K. Deltas but the latter is still claiming her ownership.

The battle over the ownership of Amie has sparked verbal clashes between the two clubs.

But the player told Star Sports has far as she was concerned, she was still the property of C-Deltas.
“I belong to C-Deltas and not K-deltas,”.

Player Weah said she wrote a letter to authorities of the LBF requesting a transfer to the club but did not however say whether it was approved.

The controversial player said she made the decision to move to C-Deltas after she noticed K-Deltas had broken the transfer law.
“They played more than 17 players and definitely I don’t have space on the team so I decided to join C-Deltas,”.
“The LBF rule says you registered 15 players and play 12 at the time but they went on to play 17,”.

She added: “my transfer to C-Deltas was legitimate,”.

As the transfer saga between the two clubs continues, K-Deltas have threatened to boycott the up coming playoff competition should the LBF fail to address the matter properly.