KENYA : Team of USA coaches to conduct four day clinic in Kenya

A team of college coaches from the United States of America arrive in the country next month for a series of clinics.

The ten tacticians numbering will be among a team of 50 members of the Athletes in Action (AIA) that will tour three East African states, also including Uganda and Rwanda, for different activities.

According to AIA Kenya co-ordinator David Nyamu, the first group is due to arrive on 5th August before embarking on their mission that will also see the travel to Kampala and Kigali.

Nyamu, who has been involved with AIA for the last three years, asked the invited coaches to register for the four day clinics that will be conducted at the Nairobi Railways Club beginning 9th August.

"They are a team of college coaches with vast experience in the game. Other than Kenya, they will also go to Uganda and Rwanda" said Nyamu, adding that participants from DR Congo have also been invited.

Nairobi Basketball Association (NBA) chairman Ronny Owino and former KBF chairman Agina Wesonga also made the appeal for players and coaches to turn up and gain from the visitors knowledge and experience.

"There is always something new for coaches to learn during such clinics. As a coach myself, I will be there and my message for those who will be invited is to come and learn." said Owino who also a continental coaches instructor.

Agina said that they will be involved with different age groups cartegorised from will 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18 and cover 17 topics. "In the morning they will train the youngsters and take on the coaches in the afternoon." he said.

Dan Miles, who has a coaching career spanning 39 years, will lead the group that also includes Roger Kollmansgerer (16 years experience), Eileen Kleinfelter (25 years exp.), Eric Nelson (24 years exp.), Tim Shepler (25 years exp.) and Matt Murken (10 years exp.).

AIA has committed to sharing a "victory beyond competition" since 1966.