UGANDA : Unpredictable Marines face rising Warriors

Today at YMCA
M: Warriorsv Marines(7.30pm)
W: Amazon v KCC (5.30pm)
Mak Cubs v KIU (1.30pm)
Div. Three
Emperors v City Oil (3.30pm)
Sky Jammersv Stone (11.30am)
Sharing v Jackets (11.30am)
Div. Two – Gulu
Gulu v UCU JV(9.30am)
Div. Three – MUK
St. Michael v MBC (3pm)
K’la Univ. v Ssaku (11am)
Crane v Planets (9am)

Today may not be the most ideal time for Nkumba Marines to be facing Kyambogo Warriors if there MTN-Fuba League status is to be preserved for another season.

The former’s coach Timothy Odeke, ahead of the game between the two at YMCA court, is quick to notice the recent intent shown by last year’s losing finalists.
“If there ever was a best time to face any team, it’s now because in the second round everyone is very focused,” Odeke told Sunday Monitor.
“However, Warriors are on a run at the moment and seem to be strengthening with each passing game.”

A rusty Julius Lutwama has not helped much offesnsively since his recall to the side and this contributed to Odeke being cautious about the chances of beating Warriors.

Marines were the only team to defeat the 2009 champions in last year’s second round as Warriors fought hard for a place in the postseason. That agonising wait to make the play-offs which came down to beating Miracle Eagles has taught Brian Gumisiriza lots of lessons.
“After last season, we want to win our games early since we also have the Zone V championships. If we do our job, then we will need two or three more wins in the second round,” Gumisiriza, a forward who doubles as team manager, said.

At least Eric Malinga and Ronnie Kasewu are ably communicating the message to the league loudly like the 87-80 win over KIU Titans suggested on Wednesday night. The two dropped 21 points apiece.

Stopping them is key to Marines who have now won three of their six games. One of the victories was given in the boardroom following the loss to Rhino which was overturned as the latter used an unregistered player.
Warriors’ challenge is different as victory will enable them match Miracle and DMark Power for the league’s best record at 6-1.