RWANDA : CSK’s coach disappointed with forfeited points

By Doreen Umutesi

CSK head coach Javier Kamanzi.

Women’s results
KIE 25-85 APR
St Joseph 72-46 St Aloys
St Joseph 20-0 CSK (forfeit)
NUR 20-0 CSK (forfeit)

St Joseph 20-0 UGB (forfeit) RUSIZI BC 20-0 UGB (forfeit)

CSK head coach Javier Kamanzi a.k.a Vava has expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner win which his ladies’ team penalized for not honoring their league games at the weekend.

With the men’s team not in action at the weekend, Vava, as he’s commonly known in the local basketball circles, and his ladies’ team forfeited points in their scheduled two games against St. Joseph and the National University of Rwanda (NUR).

Speaking to Times Sport by phone after learning that his team had forfeited a possible four valuable points, Vava, who also handles CSK’s men’s team, articulated his disappointment with the basketball federation, Ferwaba.
“Most of our players are students and they have been in examination period, we couldn’t have them to train for the weekend games. We wrote (to the Ferwaba) requesting that out games be postponed but the response came in late,” explains Vava.

According to the league rules, the federation is supposed to response to such requests 48 hours before the scheduled game date.
“I made a request on Wednesday morning but got the response on Friday in the evening yet we were not prepared,” he recalls

However, according to the federation technical director Didier Shema Maboko, there is no rule that justifies CSK’s request.
“This is a national league, not an Inter-schools’ competition, he explained, adding that, “There other different situations where by the game can be postponed. For instance, a death of a player or if three of team’s key players are on the national team.”