NAMIBIA : When Will Basketball Start?

Windhoek The persistent question has taken a life of its own. It has been asked again and again. It has been answered again and again. It is a question that reflects, we believe, a love for the game of basketball and a strong desire to play and continue playing.

The mission of the Namibian Basketball Federation is about much more than sporting excellence. It is also about developing a culture of respect, excellence and friendship. We are committed to making basketball a game for all across the nation.

Furthermore, we want a re entry onto the continental and international arena.

To that end, we are encouraging our affiliate members to develop teams and clubs whose players are stronger, in tremendous basketball shape and are intense competitors.

We know that players play harder and better if they are having fun. They will only do so in an environment that is safe and free of violence; where the tradition of fair play is promoted and honourable sports competition is the norm.

To create this environment we must have trained, accredited coaches, referees and table officials.

Over and above that, we must be in compliance with FIBA General Statutes and Internal Rules because we are members thereof. So in answer to the question: When will the league start?
Courtesy of: New Era