UGANDA : No comfort for sliding KIU Titans

Today at YMCA
Div. III:City Oilv Air Force

Heaters hate the position they find themselves but neither do KIU Titans love theirs either heading into the teams’ final fixture of the MTN-Fuba League first round at YMCA Court today.

Two years after they made their maiden play-off appearance, KIU face Heaters with relatively similar goals with the latter having not won a game in eight. Relegation looks a certainty with each passing day for coach Brian Wathum’s young side while there’s no comfort for KIU, who are 2-6.

Drop scare
At the moment, the fight to beat the drop, which will sink two teams, also has Charging Rhino (2-7) and Nkumba Marines (3-6). KIU are yet to see the situation as dire as it plainly looks. “There is still a lot to fight for if we sort out the small things,” KIU’s Moses Olobo said after the 63-61 loss to Marines on July 15. That losing margin defied Olobo’s 14 points and Brian Wati’s 15. However, that has been the story of KIU’s season – so near yet so far.

Heaters’ target for the season was simply defined in surviving the axe for at least one season the moment they earned promotion from Division Two last year. “Our plan has not been perfect. I wanted us to win at least one game in the first round then take it from there if I get two more signings,” Heaters chairman Denis Osikol said.

An improvement does not look imminent for them as they must contend with the gritty defence offered by the university side and Collins Onyango’s jump shot.