UGANDA : Kampala City Council Lions appeal to National of Sports Fuba decision

by Sande Bashaija

Kampala City Council (KCC) Lions have once again appealed to National Council of Sports (NCS) in a bid to stave off relegation from the MTN-Fuba League men’s topflight.

KCC earned the right to play in next season’s First Division after grossing four points by forfeiture over UCU Canons in a rescheduled second round fixture but a boardroom decision could see them relegated to the lower tier. UCU Canons reported late for that fixture on October 8 after receiving conflicting tip-off time from a member of the technical committee and managed to convince Fuba to organize a replay.

KCC, however, refused the idea of a replay and instead approached NCS to arbitrate in the matter. Following a meeting with KCC, Fuba and UCU officials early this month, NCS advised that both teams be retained in the topflight but the basketball federation thinks otherwise.

They have instead opted for a three-match play-off series to determine which of the teams goes to the lower division. This has prompted KCC to once again call for NCS’ intervention. “There is no such a thing like a play-off since everyone knows that we won the game,” KCC official Dennis Karugaba told Daily Monitor.

“We have written to NCS again expressing our displeasure with the way Fuba is handling the matter.” But Fuba are determined to penalize any team that fails to honour the play-offs.