GABON : National Championshp : Tongui BB and SOMO BB dominate the various groups

With 13 and 28 points respectively ,Toungui BB and Somo BB dominate groups A and B of the Gabonese national elite basketball championship.

Below is a general classification in both groups ;

Group A
1st, Toungui BB: 13 points
2nd, Manga BB: 11 points
3rd, Engong BB: 6 points

NB: Two teams CAS 1987 and Olympique Mandji declared fofeiture in this group

Group B
1st, Somo BB: 28 points
2nd, Stade Mandji: 24 points
3rd, Espoir BC: 22 points
4th, BABB: 20 points
5th, IZO BB: 17 points