RWANDA : FERWABA planning pre-season tourney

By Usher Komugisha

Basketball’s governing body-FERWABA is set to organize a pre-season tournament that kicks off on April 1-3 at Amahoro indoor stadium court.

The event will renew rivalry among the game’s top rivals, reigning champions National University of Rwanda (NUR), record holders APR, Espoir, CSK as well as defending champions as the event commences at Amahoro stadium on April 1 and the rest at Green Hills Academy on April 2-3.
“The tournament will take place as scheduled, however, games on the weekend will be at Green Hills Academy because Amahoro has been booked for another occasion,” said Didier Shema-Maboko, the federation’s technical director.
APR will be seeking to revive their domestic sphere of influence by winning everything, however, hard work on their rivals’ side especially Kigali Basketball Club (KBC) will sure give them a run for their money.
In what has seemed like an unusual quiet transfer season, lack of team chemistry will be unheard of from teams as an excuse for losing at this event.

In the women’s category, National University of Rwanda (NUR) will sound an early warning to arch-rivals and regional giants APR after an almost one-sided season last year.

The build-up tournament should give an insight on the teams to look out for this season, which is scheduled to start in the first week of May. KCB are the champions.