East & Central Africa Inter-Cities Championships, 19th - 23rd April, 2011. Nairobi, Kenya

The East & Central Africa Inter-Cities Championships will take place from the 19th to 23rd April, 2011 in Nairobi city, Kenya. The event, which will be held at the Nyayo National Gymnasium, is set to attract teams from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Somalia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Several teams have already confirmed participation, this include:

+ Nairobi City (Kenya) – Men and Women
+ Universities Combined Team (Kenya) – Men and Women
+ Mombasa City (Kenya) – Men and Women
+ Dar es Salaam City (Tanzania) – Men and Women
+ Mwanza City (Tanzania) – Men and Women
+ Arusha City (Tanzania) - Men and Women
+ Kampala City (Uganda) – Men and Women
+ Juba City (South Sudan) – Men and Women
+ Mogadishu City (Somalia) – Men
+ Hargesia City (Somalia) – Men

Confirmations of teams from Lusaka (Zambia), Harare (Zimbabwe), Entebbe and Jinja (Uganda) and Tanga (Tanzania) are being awaited.
Charges for entry for the event are as follows: VIP (where the official table seats) Kshs 200, to the Left and Right of the VIP Kshs 100 and any other seating area Kshs 50.
There will cash prizes for winning teams and runners up, and cash awards for winners of the 3-point shooting competition and the dunking contest.