GHANA : Game Day Recap; 25/3

Women... Reformers63, Holy Family 46
Easy win for the Reformers' ladies if you ask. Holy Family started the game with fairly balanced competition even without Dionne who showed up a little too late to bring any positive change to her team's plight. Reformers actually won the game in the second quarter when they blew past HF to the take the quarter at 23 - 03.

Warriors 60, Magic 49
I expected a little bit too much from the Magic team, knowing that their loss to Warriors last season was just a point. Anyone who was at Lebanon House Friday afternoon will agree that, the amount of hustle in Magic's play didn't reflect that much on the score board. But then that's basketball; hustle and get the points at the same time. There's so much that can be said about this game, from the ton of turnovers committed(total 50 by both sides) and free throws missed(total of 9 0f 30)
by both sides to Pajero's facial on Theo, to Theo's own good hustle to block Abu's breakaway lay up after committing the turnover in the front court. Warriors did a good job of slowing down the game in the 4th, which definitely affected Magic's play because it was evident they couldn't find a rhythm to end the game even though they closed up to 9 points at a stage. Other players that impressed today were Abu(3 of 4) and Mustapha(2 of 2) who hit a couple of well selected treys for the Warriors team even though they played significant minutes.