ZAMBIA : Basketball coach names team for Zone 6 Games

NATIONAL basketball team coach Cuthbert Tembo has selected a 28 member provisional team for the Zone Six Games in South Africa next month.
Zambia Basketball Association (ZBA) secretary Otema Musukwa who released the team list in Lusaka said the team comprised southern region players only.

“This is not a final team. These players need to go on trial, then we shall have a tournament with the northern side that will be selected soon and come up with a final team,” Musukwa said.

He said ZBA had arranged a friendly with Malawi to be played early next month as part of the preparations for the regional games.
Musukwa urged the players to work hard and earn themselves a place in the national team.
“They need to work hard, the places are not automatic,” he said.

Team list
Malindi Chipili, Webster Sikuta, Abraham Mwansa, Chansa Mufwaume (Magic), Namakando Akalaluka, (Green Buffaloes ), Chewe Chishala, Sipho Nakalowa, John Waitola, Sizi Kuntepa, Mate Lisimba and Lubinda Simukwela (Unza Pacers).
Others are Chisanga Mwila, Kubaya Chisenga, Francis Chibesa, Elijah Kasempa, Daniel Nsena, Chris Kabongo, (LCC Looters), Mcleod Mwansa, Obert Muleza , Francis Chibesa, Robert Mumba (Green Eagles), Kandi Musukwa , Richard Sakala, Kaumba Chilila (Hawks), Francis Lungu, Francis Sinyinda, Ntilila Chaila (Napsa Hurricanes) and Songiswayo Mwanza (Heroes Play United).