FIBA Africa – Meeting of Zonal Presidents and Secretaries General

The 3rd meeting of 2006 – 2010 term office of zonal Presidents and Secretaries General will be held on 21st January 2010 at the headquarers of FIBA Africa in Cairo, Egypt.

The meeting presided by Pr Alain Ekra (President of FIBA Africa) and Dr Alphonse Bilé (Secretary General of FIBA Africa), will make a report about the zonal activities during 2009 and find solutions to develop basketball within the zone.

The presidents of zone: Mohamed Abdulrahman (zone I), Henry Gomes (Zone II), Mukthar Adamu Khaled (zone III), Mabusa Eseka Dieudonné (zone IV), Morris Aluanga ( zone V), Anibal Manave (zone VI) and Louis Abel Ntsay (zone VII).