EGYPT : Amr Abou Elkhier leads ITTHAD to the sky

by Sherif Soliman
Final league game was held last night in cairi stadium hall 3 to detrmine the champion of the 1st competion this season between Itthad & Gezira. However , Itthad made it as usual and won 78-70 to make it 3 -0 in the games against gezira this season.All itthad players were very confident that they can win it any time, moemem Abu Alaynayn scored tow 3 points in the killing time before Amir Elfanan killed the game with a 3 pointer in the last 50 seconds.On the other hand, gezira players kept chasing itthad all the game untill they gave up in the last 3 mintes. Amr Aou Ekhier proving every day that he is the best coach in Egypt leading his team this season to most probably to defend the title for the 2nd year.