GHANA : Executive Board of GBBA agree on a National Basketball League Playoffs Championship

On the 30th of April at the end of quarter executive meeting at the national sports stadium the members of the executive committee agreed on the GBBA organizing a national basketball league playoffs championship. When organized the national basketball league will be the first of its kind in Ghana. The country has seen a decline in interest of club competition over the past 5 years. The GBBA will use this event to re-ignite the passion of club basketball in Ghana as well as work towards raising the image and interest of basketball in Ghana.

The competition is currently been drawn and structured and will once again go before the executive board to put final touches on it before it goes out to potential sponsors and the public. The competition is scheduled to be played between the months of August and September when the regional leagues would have ended and known their top ranked teams. The competition will be a replica of the NBA playoffs and will feature the top four from each regional division 1 leagues. Currently there are only two active leagues been played and the GBBA will be working with these two leagues. Hopefully by next year the competition will cover the whole of Ghana.