UGANDA : Basketball Makerere imports glass boards for tourney

For the first time in 47 years, this weekend’s Makerere University Open will not be hosted at the centrally-located pool court.“We are moving to main ground this year,” Makerere University senior sports tutor Peninah Kabenge told Daily Monitor. “We have upgraded the court there and it’s undoubtedly the best out door facility in Uganda at the moment,” she added.
Kabenge said they had imported glass fibre boards from China. “We have refurbished our sitting arena and the general environment points to a great tournament,” Kabenge noted.

Makerere Open, the oldest tournament in Uganda, was last year blighted by chaos orchestrated by some rowdy students and Kabenge believes the change of venue will prevent the recurrence of such a situation. “There is a police post at the main ground and that should put to rest any worries about chaos.”

Makerere (men) and A-1 Challenge (women) emerged victorious in last year’s tournament but have to dig deeper trying to defend their titles starting Saturday.