LIBERIA : LBF National League

The secretary general of the Liberia Basketball Federation (LBF), Fred Pratt, has disclosed that the long-awaited commencement of the 2010/2011 National League will take place on Friday, February 5, at the open-air Sports Commission.

This season’s showcase had originally been scheduled for January 29, but was postponed to give contractors ample time to complete renovation works at the Sports Commission.

Speaking to the Daily Observer recently, Pratt also disclosed that nine new teams have been added to roster – C-Delta and Ducor Magic from the Female Division, as well as Ducor Magic, Don Bosco Magic, Barnersville Snipper and Jr. Rookies of the 3rd division.

Also from the 3rd Divisdion are Matadi Knight, Kardinal and Olympic Satellite.

The LBF Chief Scribe further revealed that 2nd division champs Wiloria Patriot and Urban Invaders have been promoted to the 1st division, while the winners of the 3rd division, Harbel Pointers and Heats have climbed to the 2nd division.

According to the secretariat, teams that are expected to compete in the 1st division are NPA Pythons, LPRC Oilers, Mighty Barrolle, Uhuru Kings, Flames and Commissioners.

Others are Monrovia Rockers, Dream Teams One and Two, Wiloria Patriot and Urban Invaders.

For the 2nd division chase, expected teams include Cardinal, Don Bosco Reginald, Georgia Sky Force (formerly Georgia Raptors), Cestos Morgas, Sacbase and Uhuru Prince.

The others are Flip Stars, Barnersville Celtic, FUBBA, St. Paul Crushers, Harbel Pointers, Heats and Supreme Brothers.

The participating female teams are K-Delta, Phoenix, Commissioners, Angel Shooters, Timber Wolves and Survivor.

Others include Supreme Sisters, Desert Ladies, Destiny Queens, C-Delta and Ducor Magic.

The 3rd division teams that are expected to partake are Island Calves, Road Runners, Deviers, SOS Trotters, Dixsville Dragon, Georgia Blazer and Destiny Kings.

The remaining teams are Don Bosco Magic, Barnersville Snipper, Junior Rookies, Matadi Knight, Kardinal and Olympic Satellite.