RWANDA : A good start for Rwandan teams in zone 5

A highly started zone 5 basketball championship with victories in both categories , men and women yesterday at Amahoro Indoor Stadium, Kigali.
The women side defeated Ethiopian side with 98-53 while their male counterparts bulldozed Burundi 98-60. Veceslav Kavedzija the national coach for both sides (men and women) said that he was grateful to his men side after watching them demolishing Burundian side without their 5 key players because of licences.

Darrius Brannon (206-F-83, agency: GOTathletes, college: Houston) from Houston Blaze (USA), Edwin Mbanda from CSK (Rwanda), Kenny Wilson (193-G-84, college: Boise St.) from NH Ostrava (USA) Josh Tarver (191-G-87, college: Oregon St.) from Oregon State University (USA) and Andrew Francis (203-F-85, agency: GOTathletes, college: UTSA) from APR (Rwanda) didnt get the green light to play for Rwanda in the opening match.

I dont know if FIBA will allow them to play other matches of the competition but we will wait and see, its up to the federation to look for their papers Disclosed Veceslav after the macth.

2007 Most Valuable Player (MVP) Hamza Ruhezamihigo (191-G-85) had a game high 25 points, eight rebounds and four assists. Hamza who was down in Afrobasket championship held in Libya in 2009 was the man of the match and showed a spectacular display yesterday.

Kami Kabange (F-84) scored 19; Stanley Thomson (208-C-82, college: Fairfield) added 16 while Matthew Miller (191-G) weighed in with 11points.

Rene Gatogato led Burundis scoring wheels with 13 points.

In the days other games, Uganda was on the losing end.

After falling prey to Kenyas robust men team 76-61, Burundi increased Ugandas misery after a close contest 73-69.

Todays fixtures in women category, Burundi plays Kenya at 2.00p.m, Tanzania plays Rwanda at 4.00p.m, and Ethiopia hosts Uganda at 4.30 P.m.

In men category, Tanzania plays Rwanda at 6.00p.m and Uganda plays Burundi at 6.30 p.m.

Kenya 76-61 Uganda
Rwanda 98-60 Burundi

Uganda 69-73 Burundi
Ethiopia 58-93 Rwanda

Todays fixtures
Burundi vs Kenya 2.00 PM Women Amahoro
Tanzania vs Rwanda 4.00 PM Women Amahor
Ethiopia vs Uganda 4.30 Pm Women Green Hills School
Tanzania vs Rwanda 6.00 PM Men Amahoro
Uganda vs Burundi 6.30 PM Men Green Hills School