CAMEROON : Sud Ouest - South West Regional League of Basketball receive the Bees Basketball Academy

The South West Regional League of Basketball is glade to have received two important teams from very far distances namely the Bees Basketball Academy from shisong Bui Division North West Region made up of youths and Pamol Basketball club from Ekondo Titi Ndian Division made up of veterans who joined the Sharks from Limbe, the Volcanic Warriors from Buea, the Zion Creekers from Tiko and the Veterans from Buea to celebrate the Race of Hope Basketball Festival Buea 2011. At the Molyko Sports complex Buea.

Irrespective of the Heavy down pure in Buea on the 25/02/2011, all the matches took place.Due to this, the technical team decided to reduce the time of play

Bees from Sheshong 57 # Zion Creekers 35
Volcanic Warriors Basketball Academy 31 # Pamol Lobe 30
Limbe Sharks 36 # Zion Creekers 17
Volcanic Warriors Basketball Academy 22 # Bees from Sheshong 20
Limbe Sharks 38 # Pamol BBC 18
Bees Sheshong 30 # Limbe Sharks 28

After such a great festival of fun, fan fair and games, the regional League and organizers of this festival led by Barrister Shufai Blaise B, Mr Achifon Solomon, Mr Ngoh Kema Ngoh and Mr Ifose Emile Mbella (the Regional League President) thanked all present and greeted the teams promising that the Limbe Sharks, the Volcanic Warrior Basketball Academy and Pamol Lobe Basketball Clubs will make a visit to Kumbo at the shortest possible time.

It should be noted that the delegation from Kumbo was led by, Mr. Ghozhi Clement Founding President, Mr. Edwin Fomonyuy Present President, Patrick Yufenyuy Chilla and Mbinkar Charles, Coaches.