LIBYA : Al-Halal and Al-Naser winning on the Yarmouk and Madena

(by Wasim Baruni)

Met in the first group and Yarmouk and Al-halal guest of the new competition first-class trio led by international arbitration Hamri and Hamid Ahmed and Khalid Alberasy Ohanic,
The Al-Halal team was able to defeat a team from the Yarmouk score 85 versus 61 were as follows:
19/14 the first quarter of the Al-Hala
The second quarter of the Yarmouk 19/21
22/11 for the third quarter Al-Halal
The fourth quarter 25/15 Al-Halal

In the second game corresponds to a team Al-Naser, and Madena conducted by the tripartite International Buraiki Mohammed and Abdul Aziz Almakory and Fadhil Aghannay The teams split the two halves of the match which ended Sak team to victory at 86 to 79, which came as follows:
The first quarter of the Al-Naser 25/18
The second quarter to Al-Naser23/16
The third quarter of the Madena 20/21
The fourth quarter of the Madena24/20